Looking for premium photography or to hire someone with years of experience behind the lens?

Perhaps you wish to create everlasting memories with your family, or you are looking for a specialist in Pet Photography?

Maybe you’re a newly engaged couple and you wish to capture your love and adoration for one another with a couples shoot?

Maybe you need the ultimate head-shot or portrait for your social media pages, CV or business profile.

I also specialize in content photography for your business profile on all web platforms, including Facebook & Instagram.

Pet Photography

It takes patience and the right setting to get the perfect photo of these gorgeous fur babies. I could spend all day with the doggos in-front of my lens. 

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Lifestyle Photography

I not only enjoy but take pride in being able to capture the beauty of people and relationships for their keepsakes and to share with other loved ones.    

Photographer and image editing specialist Sean Boyd Kruger is here to assist you with whatever photo shoot you need. With his many years of experience and keen eye for capturing the essence of a subject, you can expect a professional who is passionate and has the patience to find the perfect shot! Sean takes pride in delivering a final product that you would be proud to share or frame.

hey there!

Thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet, I hope you like what you see so far! My name is Sean, I’m a South African photographer based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Iv’e been travelling abroad for more than 6 years now. 

I currently offer lifestyle, travel, commercial and pet photography. 

My photographic journey started when I was 15, mostly a passionate hobby that has continued to grow. I am also a travel writer and manager at a Restaurant and Bar. When I am not photographing landscapes, cityscapes and beautiful animals, I like to spend my time fishing and enjoying the outdoors with my wife.

Please feel free to get in touch to book me for your next photographic event, family shoot or to capture your favorite furry friend with my lens.


Sean takes pride in delivering a final product that anyone would be proud to share or frame.


Offering family, travel, commercial, and pet photography,

please feel free to contact Sean to discuss.

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